RAM 1500 LED Bulb Replacement KIT

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Sveriges mest sålda LED ersättningslampor för Dodge RAM 1500 | High quality Automotive LED Bulb replacement kit for Dodge RAM.Incl. Connections. Canbus. No flic

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Europes most selling LED replacement bulb for Dodge Ram 1500

High quality Automotive LED Bulb replacement kit.

Incl. Connections. Canbus. No flickering.

For low beam projector. Type 9005 (HB3),6500k, 24W, 6000LM, Copper heat zink.

Pass CE, EMC, RoHS, UV, Vibration,Anti-interference, E-Mark etc.


9005, 9012 (HIR2) and H11 low beam (Please see the inscription in the bottom on your stock headlight to see what model you need)

9005 high beam

9006 (Fog light), 

T10 (EU Converted parking light in fog lamp house 1,5W 6500K )

This item is a kit of 2pcs.

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